Car Rental Company located Downtown Samana Dominican Republic.


Our vehicles are in pristine condition.

Our main objective is the absolute satisfaction of our customers, providing them with the best car rental service at the best price.

Why? Because we take pride in what we do to build relationships with our clients solidly, creating links in a friendly way, and advising at all times on the most convenient options for each need.

We promise we’ve got Samana covered ...with the BEST CAR RENTAL RATES! 

Being a leader in the market relying on our services, seeking the satisfaction of our customers through excellence of the highest quality. We ensure our clients arrive calm, happy, and safe at their destination.


⦁ The minimum rental period is 72 hours, which is equal to a minimum of 3 days of rental.

⦁ Reservation deposit - A $50-100 USD minimum deposit is required on all rental types at the time of reservation and will be deducted from the total amount due for the rental period.

⦁ Valid driver's license regardless of the country of origin.

⦁ Present identity documents. Such as driver’s license or valid passport.

⦁ Vehicles must be returned the same condition as they were delivered and or picked up in.

⦁ Our fleet include: Cars, SUV’s, ATV’s, Motorcycles, Dirt bikes, and scooters for rental.

⦁ Insurance coverage

⦁ Travel with peace of mind with us. As we offer full insurance for all our vehicles, and for added security we have child car seats to accommodate your entire family.

⦁ Unlimited kilometers

⦁ Travel with no kilometer’s restrictions. Explore the beautiful Dominican Republic stress-free.

⦁ Gas fueling made easy as a customer, you choose the way to pay for fuel.

Fuel prepayment
⦁ This option allows the renter to pay the cost of a full tank of fuel at the time of rental and return the empty tank. Unused fuel will not be refunded.

We take care of the refueling
⦁ This option allows the renter to pay Econo Rent-a-Car at the end of the rental for the fuel used and not refilled. The price per liter will be calculated from local market prices.

You take care of the refueling
⦁ This option allows the renter to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas to avoid additional fuel fees.


⦁ There are Additional Charges applicable only in the case of: 

⦁ For "Drop-Off" OR “Pick-Up” this charge only applies if the client wishes to take the car to or from a City, Airport, or Hotel of their choice and wishes to return the car to another location.

⦁ Gasoline OR Propane: This charge only applies if the client, when returning the vehicle, does not deliver it with the same level of gasoline that was received.

⦁ Late pick-up OR drop off are subject to late fee. If case of: contact us directly +1 849 357 5867.

⦁ Damage or accident: In case of damage to the rental vehicle, please contact the rental company using the contact directly +1 849 357 5867. In case of an accident where medical assistance was necessary, you must dial the National Emergency Care System 911.

Basic Requirements to rent:
⦁ Age requirement to rent a vehicle?
⦁ Cars = 21+
⦁ ATV’s/Quad = 16+ OR with underaged minor with an accompanied Adult
⦁ Motorcycles = 18+
⦁ Scooters = 16+

⦁ Current driver’s license, if you are a foreigner, you must present your passport and driver’s license from the country where you reside, if you are Dominican, your ID (Cedula), driver’s license or passport from that country.

⦁ Vehicles must be returned in the same condition as they were delivered.

⦁  To be in agreement with our terms and conditions below:  

Terms and Conditions:

⦁ To rent a vehicle with us, we require a deposit for all vehicles. This deposit is made at the time of collection of the vehicle, and will be returned at the end of the rental, as long as the vehicle is returned in the same condition that was delivered.

⦁ To complete any reservation, a general deposit of $50-100 is required, which will be deducted from the total cost of the rental at the time of pick-up.
Cancellation policy:
If you need to cancel your reservation, do so with as much notice as possible. If you cancel your booking more than 72 hours in advance, we will refund only 50% of the original deposit amount. If you cancel your reservation in less than 72 hours of your reservation, you will not be refunded the amount of the deposit.
Damage and Losses:
⦁ It is the renter's responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is maintained in good condition during the rental. If damage or loss occurs to the vehicle, the renter will be responsible for covering the cost of repairs or replacement.

These are our terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you to have an experience of rental vehicles safe and enjoyable.

Promotional pricing Rates:
Depending on the duration of rental
⦁ Weekly rates- Subject to a 5% discounted rate
⦁ 14 days - Subject to a 10% discounted rate
⦁ 30 days - Subject to a 15% discounted rate
⦁ More than 30 days - Subject to a 20% discounted rate

Vehicles pricing
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Av. Circunvalacion #2
(Across main HOSPITAL)
Downtown Samana

ALEX: +1 (849) 357-5867

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